Get your dog beautified in a way your dog will enjoy

Although we strive for beauty, our main concern is the comfort and manageability of the animals.

Grooming with the best products for your pet

We try to use very gentle and natural products. We mainly use the Espree and Pet Head shampoo line but also carry some other specialty shampoos under different brands. We do our best to cater to the animals needs and comfort. Some of the extra things we do is put a lubricant into the dogs' eyes to prevent any shampoo from going inside. We also have alcohol free ear cleaners to make sure that it doesn't burn when we clean the ears of dogs that have an infection or irritation in their ears. We have tearless shampoo for their faces and anywhere from a hypo allergenic shampoo, to a brightening shampoo, to a healing shampoo that contains anti inflammatory properties.


Customized care for pets with special conditions

Our thoroughness and blow drying methods really uncover a lot of conditions that you as owners may not be aware of such as lumps, sores, infections, fleas and ticks, ear infections, etc. In these cases, we will continue grooming appropriately and inform you how you should move forward with treatment.


Make sure your pet's grooming is well suited to their needs


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