Keep your dogs clean and beautiful

Get your pet cleaned, clipped, and detangled with a grooming package tailored to their needs.

Make sure your pet is happy and comfortable while getting groomed

Choose a variety of grooming services for your dog and they will be modified to ensure the comfort of the animal. We want to make their experience as pleasant as possible so that they learn to enjoy their groom. Causing any animal excessive stress is harmful to their health and behavior, even more so for elderly and the young.

  • Nail trims and dremmel
  • Pluck and clean ears
  • Shave under paws and sanitary areas
  • Bathing in whichever shampoo suits their needs
  • Express anal glands as needed
  • Fluff, blow dry, or cage dry
  • Custom hair cut

Get specialized treatment for puppies and elderly dogs

If you have a young or older dog, they require more time and patience when being groomed. A puppy coming in for their first groom will only be given a bath, nail trim, and sanitary trim. Only if it is comfortable with those services will we attempt a hair cut. As for elderly pets, we go for comfort and ease over achieving a perfect hair cut.


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